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Manual  Add new attribute

Information on the different calling options of the dialog box Add new attribute can be found under Section 1.3.4, “"Attributes" category”.

To add a new attribute fill in the fields in the dialog box or select the desired option in the list fields.

When exporting to PARTsolutions the respective settings are performed.

  • Name: Enter the variable name (here exemplified "Info1").

    The name appears in PARTdataManager, in the table as column name in bold font.

    Name and description

    Name and description

  • Description: Enter the variable description.

    When clicking on the flag a list field opens where you can enter translations.

    The description is displayed in PARTdataManager, in the table, below the variable name in the set $CADENAS_LANGUAGE.. Compare figure above.

  • Decimal places:

    See Type at option Number.

  • Type:

    • No type

    • Text

    • Number

      At Type Number 3 decimal places are used by default.

      You can change the setting if desired:

      1. Select the Attributes category.

      2. Select the desired attribute.

        -> At attributes of the type Number the setting option Decimal places is displayed in addition.

      3. Adjust the value.

    • Document

      Columns specified as Document are shown as green columns in PARTdataManager. A detailed description on this can be found under Section, “Document columns”.

  • Role: Details on this can be found under Typ-Identifikation.

    • Unspecified

    • Geometry attribute

    • Object feature

    • Function attribute

    • Dimension feature

    • Article number

      With this the ArticleNumber can be displayed instead of the internal PARTdataCenter ID in products.

  • Unit: If needed you can open the list field with click on Show all.

  • Visibility -> Attribute visible: Concerns the visibility in PARTsolutions.

    If the respective attribute had been hidden in PARTproject, here, the option is automatically set to "invisible" when importing, and vice versa when exporting the setting is used in PARTdataManager.

    Both classes and attributes can be set as „visible“ or „invisible". Invisible classes are displayed with a transparent folder icon in PARTdataCenter as a note, which otherwise has no further effects.