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Manual  Create / move classes

In the following example, in an already existing structure, the class "Motor" with some subclasses shall be created.

You can move single classes via drag & drop (into another directory branch, hierarchically higher or deeper).

The classes of your catalog are displayed in the Structure view.

  1. Under Structure, click on the context menu command Add class.

    -> A red folder icon with the name New class, additionally marked with a blue plus sign appears in alphabetical order.

  2. Adjust the class name.

    Therefor select the class (the folder), which shall be renamed and select the tabbed page Properties. (Classes have the three tabbed pages Properties, Products and Class features.)

    Adjust class name

    Adjust class name

    • Name: The desired class name

    • Description:

      If you want to enter translations for several languages then click on the flag and in the opened menu, enter the desired translations.

    • Visibility:

      Both classes and attributes can be set as „visible“ or „invisible“. At classes, a slightly transparent icon is displayed. In PARTdataCenter this setting will not have any effects.

      Determine whether the class shall be visible in PARTdataManager.

  3. In the same way, now create all needed classes and subclasses. (Anytime you can move subclasses to class level, and vice versa.) See below.)

  4. You can remove no more needed classes or classes created by mistake via context menu command Remove class on the respective class.

    -> The class (the folder icon) is marked with a minus sign .

    [Note] Note

    Final deletion on the local working place is only executed after committing.

  5. Optionally, you can commit anytime during editing, whereby changes are uploaded to the server and thus are available to others.

    After committing a plus or minus sign changes to a green checkmark (compare next figure).

  6. Move classes by drag & drop

    Mark one or multiple classes (multiple selection with Ctrl key) and move them into the desired class.

    (After each change the respective icon is displayed, which again changes to a green checkmark after committing.)

    The two following figures show the result after moving the classes "exhaust_pipe", "spacer" and "bracing" into the class "motor".

    Before "Commit"

    Before "Commit"

    After "Commit"

    After "Commit"

[Note] Note

When adding products to a class, please regard that at first Class features have to be added. Otherwise products of the respective class won't be displayed. On this please see Section, “Create Class features ”.