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Manual Configuration of semi-automatic classing process

  1. PARTapplicationServer has to be configured and started with the PartWareHouse Service. For this in pappserver.cfg (%CADENAS_SETUP%), in key Service add the value PartWareHouseService.



    If you want to work locally, start PARTapplicationServer from a console with parameter "-e".

  2. Other initial configuration of classing procedure has to be performed in classing.cfg (%CADENAS_SETUP%):

    classing.cfg (%CADENAS_SETUP%)

    classing.cfg (%CADENAS_SETUP%)

    • Block [GeneralSettings]

      • SaveFolder = $PW_WORKING_DIR

        Saving location for Training-Sets and classing results. If the string is empty, saving is performed under $CADENAS_USER.

    • Block [ClassingService]

      • Name = GeoSearchClassing

        Determine search method for classing. Standard is Geo search.

    • Block [GeneralClassingConfiguration]

      • ClassTrainingSetItems = Yes

        Setting whether parts serving as Training-Set should also be used for classing: Yes or No.

      • MaxDistanceTreshold = 0.5

        Minimum required similarity, to enable a class suggestion. A suggestion is always oriented towards the best result, not an average.

      • ProjectName =

        If there is no class suggestion, projects can be moved into the project stated here or suggested for this. To be stated as a class name.

    • Block [GeoClassingConfiguration]

      • MaxSearchResults = 20

        Setting how many results can maximally be used for a class suggestion. There is a general search for results and it is checked whether there is an appropriate Training-Set. If the value is set too low, it may happen that there are no mappings.

    • Block [StorageService]

      • Name = SimpleFileStorage

        All class suggestions, which are not yet "approved", will be buffered.

    • Block [GeneralStorageConfiguration]

      • AutoSaveOption = Yes

        Setting, whether changes to the Training-Sets or results of classing runs should directly be saved.