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Manual Display type Table | List | Tiles

In the tree, select Products.

In the list field, you can choose the display type:

  • Table:

    At display type Table, all attribute names are listed in one single field one after another. Furthermore you can conduct a textual search over all products here. Top-right the total number of products is shown.

  • List (large) | List (middle) | List (small)

    [Note] Note

    When using views of the type List you have to explicitly determine attributes, otherwise no products are displayed.

    When choosing one of these options you get a table view where each attribute is displayed in its own column. The three options differ concerning size of the displayed preview image.

    In order for the table not to be needlessly wide, you have to specify the desired attributes before.

    1. Click on Show attributes.

      -> The dialog box Select and edit attributes opens.

    2. Select the desired attributes and transfer them to the right side via arrow key. Change the attribute sequence by selecting an attribute and then moving it with the Up/Down arrow keys.

      Finally confirm with OK.

      -> The list is displayed in table form.

  • Tiles: