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Manual  Define product sort order

If no certain attributes are specified explicitly, the internal product ID is used for sorting by default. When clicking on a column header this attribute is used for sorting.

However, you have the option to explicitly specify certain attributes for the sorting. When clicking on Define product sort order you can open the respective dialog box.

  1. Click on the icon Define product sort order.

    -> The dialog box Select attributes for product sort order opens.

  2. Attributes which shall be used for the sorting of products, move on the right side.

    When using the vertical arrow keys you can determine the priority of a selected attribute.

    [Note] Note

    Basically, the uppermost attribute is used for the product sorting. If two products have the same attribute value, the next attribute below is used for the sorting, etc.

    Via click on a column header you can sort by another attribute. When you want to use the specified product sorting again, then in the context menu, in the header of any column, click on Use product sort order.

  3. Confirm your settings by clicking on OK.

    -> The determined product sorting is loaded.