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Manual  Custom algorithm

In order to do special tasks with little effort, custom algorithms can be used.

For this in the docking window Available filters, under Transformation, use the node Custom algorithm.

Example: You want to remove the file extension at document name.

  1. Draw the node Custom algorithm into the pipeline between Conversion and AttributeMapper (in this case).

  2. Select the node.

  3. Draw required elements into the Node Editor. Here, these are Custom input, Substring and Attribute Output .

  4. Via double-click on the respective element, open the corresponding dialog.

    • Custom input: Input is the document name.

      Configure Custom Input

      Configure Custom Input

    • Substring: An operation shall be executed on a substring.

      The setting in the following figure means:

      Use substring from the beginning to last occurrence before the dot.

      Then "Assembly.iam" becomes "Assembly".

      Configure Substring

      Configure Substring

    • Attribute Output: A Target Classification and a Target Attribute is assigned to output.

      Configure Attribute Output

      Configure Attribute Output