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Manual  Edit documents in product

In the dialog box Edit documents in product you can add geometries, preview images and technical previews.

  1. Select a product line and click on the context menu command Edit documents in product.

    -> The same-named dialog box opens.

  2. Click on Add geometry.

    -> An Explorer window opens.

    Choose the desired document.

    [Note] Note

    It has to be a native document.

    -> The dialog box Document CAD options opens.

  3. Activate the option Import CAD File and click on OK.

    [Note] Note

    You can recognize the difference between the options Create neutral format (.zjv) and preview image from CAD File and Import CAD File in the log when uploading to the server. Only at Import CAD File the native document is uploaded.

    If option Import CAD File is selected then .zjv and the preview image is created as well.

    -> The document is inserted in the dialog box Edit documents in product.

    Close the window by clicking on OK.

  4. Perform the procedure at all desired products.

  5. Afterwards, in the product view, click on the button Create geometry and preview from CAD Data.

    [Note] Note

    Before you can call the function Create geometry and preview from CAD Data, the geometry has to exist! Otherwise an error message is displayed at this place.

    -> The dialog box Geometry selection opens.

  6. Select the respective option (here exemplified preview image and geometry (.zjv) shall be created only for the selected product) and confirm by clicking on OK.

    -> The dialog box Format Selection opens.

    Select the adequate option and confirm with OK.

  7. The dialog box for batch export options opens.

    Normally you can leave the presettings. Confirm with OK.

    -> In the dialog box Edit documents in product, you can see the following files:

    • Native file

    • zjv file

    • File of preview image


You can recognize the successfully passed through process at the displayed preview image.

Preview image exemplarily added for one line

Preview image exemplarily added for one line