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Manual Adding new process and settings
  1. Add new process:

    For the automatic assignment a process has to be created.

    In the context menu of Workspace -> Processes -> Article Assignment, click on the command Add new process.

    [Note] Note

    You can create any number of processes, name them differently and so call and use them anytime.

    So you don't have to overwrite any settings!

    If you want to remove a process use the context menu command Remove Process. Removing is only processed when closing the application. Before that you can use the command Undo Remove, if you did it by mistake.

  2. Select the new process.

  3. Click on the button Load predefined template and then on the template Dimension search.

    Load template for "Dimension search"

    Load template for "Dimension search"

    -> The pipeline is displayed.

    Select the single nodes one by one. Thereby the respective setting options are displayed. The respective selection is marked in yellow. In red nodes you have to perform settings mandatorily. In green nodes further settings can be made optionally. A complete green pipeline may be executed.

  4. Select Product Source.

    [Note] Note

    For article assignment always use PARTWAREHOUSE Service.

  5. Select the node Class Filter.

    Standard number settings:

    • Fields from catalog containing the standard number (e.g. ISO 1234):

      Click on the search button ....

      -> The dialog box is opened.

      Select the attribute (or several), which contains the Standard number and move it to the right via arrow key. Confirm with OK.

      -> Selected attributes are displayed in the input field now.

    • PARTsolutions catalog: In the same way as above, determine the desired catalog via search button ....

      -> The catalog is displayed in the input field.

    -> The node Class Filter is displayed in green now.

  6. Select the node Line Finder NENN and determine the attribute (field) for Dimension and Material with a click on the search button ....

    [Note] Note

    Now all nodes are displayed in green. That means all required information is given.

    In the example in hand leave all other settings.

  7. Click on the Start button to execute the pipeline.

    -> In the docking window Performance a respective message is displayed.

  8. Optionally, save the process. In this way you can call it anytime and use it again (possibly modified). Click on the respective icon .

  9. Have a look on the result now (see next section).