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Manual Frame conditions

Following frame conditions have to be given, in order for semi-automatic classing with the help of geometrical Training-Sets to be functioning.

  • Geo fingerprints have to be available.

  • Data have to be available in PARTsolutions or in PARTwarehouse (can be changed in classing.cfg)

  • PARTapplicationServer has to be running with the service PartWareHouseService, in order for classing to be functioning.

  • Special case PARTwarehouse

    • Geo indexes have to be available. If not, the index updater must run and create them.

    • A PW database must be available, in order to be able to commit the classification.

  • Make sure of a functioning Client-Server communication: only then commands like Commit all changes to classification server or Download all changes from classification server, for example, will work. Possibly have a look on Section, “ Set remote connection: No component displayed”.