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Manual  Extrusion: Batch mode for extrusion of 2D parts

There is a possibility to automatically import DWG/DXF files as 3d geometry. This is interesting for profile manufactures, who only have 2D files but would like to use GeoSearch or provide an eCATALOGsolutions catalog. The function only makes sense for parts which are semi-finished products and are sold by the metre.

Input part in dxf/dwg format (opened in AutoCAD)

Input part in dxf/dwg format (opened in AutoCAD)


The chargeable license CNS2009*PSADDONS*EXTRUSIONNODE is required:

  1. In the configuration file pappclient.cfg, under block Common set the key clientmode to the value remote and under block appserver the key server to localhost.

  2. In the configuration file pappserver.cfg, under Block Common, set the key Modules to the value all,PipelineHttpConnector and the key Services to the value all,AnalysisService,PartWareHouseService,PipelineService.

  3. Start PARTapplicationServer with command:

    C:\CADENAS\SOFTWARE\bin\x86\64\pappserver.exe –e

Create and configure pipeline
  1. Create a PLMsynchro pipeline using PLMsynchro Wizard.

    See Section, “ Basic setup via wizard”.

    The setting under Conversion doesn't matter, because this node will be replaced.

    Under Query use following setting, for example:

    Now the pipeline created by Wizard looks like this:

  2. Delete the node Conversion and replace it by the node Extrusion. You can find the node Extrusion in the docking window Available filters. Simply draw it into the dialog area of pipeline and create respective edges anew. Possibly add the Report node in addition.

    Extrusion Node

    Extrusion Node

    Pipeline with Extrusion node and Report node

    Pipeline with Extrusion node and Report node

  3. Select the node Extrusion.

    -> The Node Editor is displayed.

  4. Perform the settings for the Extrusion node:

    • Batch size: This setting is not relevant for extrusion per se. The Extrusion node can be executed as "distributed node"; that's why this option is shown. Batch size states how many tasks are allocated per client. In standard case leave 0. This means that no fixed value is set.

    • General settings

      • Variable name: Name of variable, which controls the length of semi-manufactured product.

      • Variable description: Variable description which is displayed in PARTdataManager below the variable.

      • Variable type: There are two options:

        • Fixed variable: Determine the value in the input field Value.

        • Value range: Determine Minimum and Maximum, optionally Stepping.

      • Minimum (only active when selecting Value range): Minimum value of value range variable

      • Maximum (only active when selecting Value range): Maximum value of value range variable

      • Stepping (only active when selecting Value range): optionally

      • Value (only active when selecting Fixed variable): Variable value for the length of manufactured product

      • Close Length (default 5): Up to this distance two points will be connected automatically in order to achieve a closed sketch.

      • Keep 2D-View:

        • Activated: The 2D view (meaning the not extruded part from the drawing) is retained as technical view for the project.

        • Deactivated: The created project only contains the extruded version as 3db.

      • Against surface normal: The extrusion is performed in opposite direction.

      • Both directions: The extrusion is performed in both directions.

      • Move Object to origin: The lower left corner of the created 3D object is moved in direction of coordinate origin, in order for the object not to be placed "anywhere". Depending on drawing it could be that the object is a little bit moved from the origin.

      Presently unit cannot be set. If possible, the unit for the created 3db is taken from the drawing. Otherwise per default mm is supposed as unit.

    • Filtering layers

      • Ignore frozen layers: If this option is activated, all frozen layers are ignored during import.

      • Layer filter: Enter those layer names here, which shall be ignored during import. Wildcard * can be used at the beginning or at the end of a layer name or both at beginning and end.

        [Note] Note

        Ideally files have the same layer names, in order for filters to be applied. If however, for example, a layer with the name "Dimension" shall be filtered and a file has no layer with this name, then the node will work anyhow. In this case simply nothing would be filtered, because there is no layer with this name.

      [Note] Note


      Each file may only contain the sketch with the part itself. If there is a layer with dimension information then this layer needs to be filtered out or the extrusion will fail.

  5. Perform the settings for the PARTsolutions Exporter node:

    In this example Supplier Parts is set as catalog type.

  6. Now click on the Start button to execute the PLM Synchro process.

  7. Check the process in Dashboard.

  8. Open PARTdataManager to view the result.

    Part selection

    Part selection

    Part view

    Part view