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Manual Product view - Toolbar functions

The following listing shows functions, which are needed for the article assignment.

  • Filtering via search term

    You can search for the dimension of a variant or for a manufacturer article number, for example.

    In the input field, enter the desired term and click on the button Start text search .

    -> Hits are marked in yellow.

    -> Top right, under Line count, the total number of search results is displayed.

    Filtering for numbers

    Filtering for numbers

    Furthermore you can search for any terms.

    Filtering for terms

    Filtering for terms

    Text search settings: You can limit the text search to Search in links or Search in products. Click on the icon Text search settings and in the dialog box, activate the desired option (per default both are activated).

    Text search settings

    Text search settings

  • Filtering via attributes of product assignments

    Filtering is especially helpful if a long product list is displayed.

    In order to filter you can use attributes such as Product filter, Quality, Type, Editing state or Affinity (see following figure). Based on the result you can then edit the remaining product links.

    For this click on the button Filter . -> The respective dialog box is opened.

    Select one of the following options:

    • Show all products

    • Show unclassified products

    • Show classified products

    • Show filtered products

      When selecting this option the deactivated area with further options becomes activated.

      • Product filter -> Show products without links

        If deactivated, then you can see products without links. At these products the small little arrow at the beginning of each line is missing.

      • Filter products by containing links

        If activated, you can see products with links.

        You can recognize products with assignments by the little black arrow at the beginning of lines

        You can recognize products with assignments by the little black arrow at the beginning of lines

        If the option is activated then further options are selectable under Quality, Type, Editing state and Affinity.

        • Type: There are two markups: D for Duplicate (unique assignment / 100%) and V for Variant.

          • Duplicate deactivated -> Only variants are displayed.

          • Variant deactivated -> Only unique assignments are displayed (100%).

        • Editing state: The attributes Valid or other (auto, default) can be activated.

          • Valid stands for products explicitly assigned via context menu command Change category to ... -> Valid.

            deactivated: All products not explicitly set on Valid are displayed.

          • other (this includes auto and default) stands for products automatically assigned automatically (via pipeline) or manually.

            deactivated: Only products explicitly set on Valid are displayed.

        • Affinity:

          • unique deactivated -> Only all ambiguous products are displayed.

          • not unique deactivated -> Only all unique products are displayed.

      Example: Hide unique assignments

      For this deactivate the checkbox Duplicate.

      -> Variants are displayed.

      "Duplicate" deactivated -> Unique assignments are hidden.

      "Duplicate" deactivated -> Unique assignments are hidden.

      Now you could manually assign the displayed variants.

  • OpenAll: Click on the icon in order to open or close the product table.

  • Refresh: Click on the icon to be sure that a current result is displayed.