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Manual Preparation - Remove existing assignments

If assignments have already been made, now remove them again in order to be able to begin at a neutral, clear state.

Under Products, you can find the context menu command Remove category from catalog.

[Note] Note

When processing the pipeline several times, "old" assignments are not deleted.

There are different working methods:

  • Mark the desired assignment as valid to be able to filter it at a later export.

  • Remove "old" assignments before starting a new process.

    For this you have different context menu commands available:

    • Remove link: Only removes the currently selected assignment

    • Remove not valid links from current product

    • Remove not valid links from catalog

    • Remove category in all catalogs: Remove all assignments from all catalogs

    • Remove category from catalog: Remove all assignments from the current catalog

If you did not import a CSV catalog yet, do it now. See Section 1.1.3, “Create catalog from CSV file”.