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Manual LinkDB Attributes

You can map attributes and directly write their values into the LinkDB.


  • LinkDB has to be active.

  • The option Enable ERP has to be selected.

    1. Select the node PARTsolutions Exporter.

    2. Under LinkDb Settings, click on ....

      -> The dialog box Select options is opened.

    3. Move the item Enable ERP to the right and confirm with OK.


  1. Select the node AttributeMapper.

  2. Choose the mode:

    • Inclusive mode disabled:

      The values of same-named attributes are transferred into the LinkDB.

    • Inclusive mode enabled:

      Only values of attributes included in the mapping will be transferred to the target classification and all other attributes are removed from the target.

      [Caution] Caution

      _cnsuid, _cadident_idnr and _is_convertible have to be available in the mapping table mandatorily!

    [Note] Note

    If there are same-named attributes in CAD and PDM, these are only transferred once.

Mapping fields:

  • Source Classification: is normally “pdm”

  • Destination Classification: Selection in list field

    • empty: Geometrical attribute

    • linkdb = Field in LinkDB

  • Attribute Name: Name of the attribute which should be mapped

  • Attribute Target Name: Name of the target attribute

  • Description: Description of target attribute

    (Description for different languages can be set)

  • Operation: Selection in list field

    • No entry: Add attribute

    • Delete -> Delete attribute from table

    • Hide -> Add attribute, but hide in table view

    • Use as Preview

  • Attribute Group: leave empty

[Note] Note

How to get attribute names can be seen under Section, “How to get attribute name”.