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Manual Import catalog via CSV

You can import a catalog structure directly from a CSV file.

Of course the CSV file may contain any further columns with geometry or factual information.

Geometries, preview images and technical views can be added in further working steps. On this see Section, “ Edit documents in product ”. If the table contains the PDM document number (in the above example "PDM_ID"), the PDM documents can be automatically accessed and respective processes be triggered via scripting solutions.

Furthermore documents (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, text files) can be linked subsequently. These will be displayed as green document columns in PARTdataManager after export.

In the following importing a CSV catalog is described:

  1. Calling happens via Workspace -> Catalogs -> Import catalog -> Import from CSV.

  2. CSV file selection

    Via search button ... select the desired CSV file and determine the file type.

  3. Specify data encoding

    Determine the separator and optionally the text quotation symbol.

  4. Column names

    Define whether column names are stored in the first line of the CSV file.

  5. Document selection

    Optionally, determine a column which contains the path to a Preview image.

    [Note] Note

    Currently the path declaration under Geometry brings no advantage, because the information is not evaluated.

    Instead, use the function Create geometry and preview from CAD Data. On this see Section, “ Add Product ”.

  6. Language and Identifier selection

    In the list fields select the language and the column containing a unique identifier.

    Confirm your settings by clicking on Finish.

    -> A log window opens. Once "Finished" is displayed, the import is finished and you can close the window.

    -> Furthermore the catalog is displayed on the left side now. Catalog name is the name of the CSV file. You can change the name when selecting the catalog.

  7. Open the catalog and select Products.

    -> Now you can see all imported products.

Further information on adding geometries, preview images and technical previews can be found under Section, “ Edit documents in product ”.