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1.1.9. LinkDB export (Directly or via CSV file)

When exporting to the LinkDB it doesn't matter whether the assignments between CSV catalog and PARTsolutions catalog have been made manually or automatically and with which template. The following explanations apply independently of the previous approach.

[Note] Note

When exporting to the link database it is only about a transfer to another data storage, in other words it's not about linking / assignment. This already happened in the process before.

In an intermediate step the product data with the link information of CSV and PARTsolutions catalog can be exported in a CSV file first. Then later the CSV file can be imported into the link database.

In this section the export shall be explained exemplarily from A to Z.

  1. First a process has to be created for an export.

    Under Article Assignment, click on the context menu command Add new process.

    -> Under Article Assignment a new entry (still without label) is displayed.

  2. Select the new entry.

    Click on the button Load predefined template . -> The dialog box Pipeline Template Selection is opened.

    Click on the template Export.

    -> Now, on the right side, the export pipeline is displayed. Select the single nodes, one after another.

  3. ProductLink source: Via search button ..., select the source catalog (created from the CSV file).

  4. Product Link Assignment (optionally): Determine the export conditions. You can select only one condition or combine some.

    You have the following options available:

    • The assignment's quality has to be at least: xy

      [Note] Note

      An export with this option set on 100% is unproblematic, because only correct assignments are exported.

    • The assignment must not be a variant

    • The assignment has to be marked as valid

      See Section, “Product view - Context menu commands”.

    • The source product must not be assigned to other targets

  5. LinkDB store:

    • Mapping: Determine the mapping between CSV fields and LinkDB fields. In the example in hand, a mapping is performed for Description and Material. Move the desired variables from the left to the right via arrow key. Open the list field on the right side and select the corresponding LinkDB fields (here DESCRIPTION and MAT_NAME).

    • ERP number settings: Determine which CSV field contains the ERP number. It will be automatically mapped to the respective LinkDB field.

    • Export settings: Determine, whether the export shall be performed directly into the LinkDB or first in a CSV file.

    • LinkDB settings: Enter User name and Password here and click on Login. It is displayed whether the login is correct.

  6. Click on the Start button to execute the pipeline.

    -> In the docking window Performance a respective message is displayed.

    • Result in CSV file

      The assignments are exported in the CSV file in unique form, so that they can be imported into the LinkDB anytime later.

    • Result in LinkDB

    • Result in PARTdataManager