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Manual  PARTdataCenter: Activation of distributed services

Choose executing the pipeline via Start on Server , when a respective configuration has been made before and "Distributed Services" is activated.

Open the desired process created before (with the help of the Wizard).

The distributed services have to be enabled on the desired pipeline node (Download service and/or Conversion service).

  1. Select the desired node.

  2. In the tooltip top right, click on the icon Enable/disable distributed calculation .

    -> Once you have clicked on the icon, it is displayed directly beside the node.

  3. In the Node Editor, in the list field under Queue, select the queue, which you had applied before in the Psworker.

    [Note] Note

    If the entry is visible, the previous configuration was correct, otherwise please check the settings explained under Section, “General preconditions”.

  4. Optionally, you can add a Report Node in the pipeline. Then occurring errors can be detected and eliminated.

    1. Open tabbed page Available filters [7].

    2. Under PLMsynchro, you can find the filter Report node. Draw the filter into the process.

    3. Draw an edge from Conversion service to Report Node.

      -> The dialog box Pipe settings is opened.

    4. At first click on "report" then on "in" and confirm with OK.

  5. Start the process by clicking on .

    [Note] Note

    When working with distributed services, start the process by clicking on . (Otherwise start by clicking on .)

  6. When a pipeline with distributed tasks is running, the actual status can be seen in the Dashboard. See Section, “Dashboard”.

[7] If not displayed via toolbar context menu.