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1.3.4. "Attributes" category

When selecting the Attributes category on the left side in the middle the attributes are listed.

When selecting a certain attribute the single attribute parameters are displayed on the right side.

[Note] Note

When a new catalog has been created attributes are not yet displayed but have to be created first.

If a catalog has been imported the attributes of the CSV file are displayed. These can be adjusted or enhanced anytime.

[Note] Note

The Attributes category contains ALL attributes of the catalog.

However, after the export back to PARTsolutions only attributes which have been assigned to products are component of the catalog.

The following listing gives an overview on the single functions of the Attributes view. There you can find links to more detailed information.


  • Input field for textual search

  • Start text search

  • Create attribute

    [Note] Note

    For comparison: You can also reach the Add new attribute dialog in the Structure category via tabbed page Class features.

    What's the difference whether you create attributes in the Attributes or in the Structure category?

    In the first case a global attribute is set which is then available in selection dialogs. In the second case you are using an attribute for certain class as a class feature. There you can also create new attributes. These are automatically added to the global list.

    See Section, “ Add new attribute ”.

  • Show more attributes

Context menu