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Manual Document columns

You can create attributes of the type Document. These are then displayed in PARTdataManager as green document columns.

When clicking into the cell the linked document opens (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, text file, etc.).

In order to create document columns proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Attributes category.

  2. Click on the button Create attribute.

    -> The dialog box Add new attribute opens.

  3. Fill in the fields Name and Description. In the list field of Type select the Document option and confirm with OK.

    -> The attribute is added to the global attribute list.

  4. Switch to the Products category.

  5. Click on the context menu command Edit product attributes.

    -> The dialog box Edit product opens. You can recognize that the newly added attribute is not displayed yet (it is only in the global list).

  6. Click on Select Attributes.

    -> The dialog box Select and edit attributes opens.

    You can see that the attribute "Info" has not been added yet to the product. (It is only on the left side of the dialog box.)

  7. Mark the desired attribute and transfer it to the right side via green arrow key and then confirm by clicking on OK.

    -> The dialog box Edit product opens again.

  8. Click into the cell of the newly created attribute.

    -> An Explorer window opens where you can select the desired file.

  9. Determine the file.

    -> At the moment the current document path is displayed.

  10. In the tile view and table view you can already see the added attribute with the document path. In order for the "Info" attribute also to be displayed in the list views, click on the button Show attributes.

    -> The dialog box Select and edit attributes opens.

    Here again, move the "Info" attribute to the right side and confirm with OK.

    -> Now the attribute column "Info" is also displayed in the list views.

  11. After catalog export the attribute is displayed as a green document column in PARTdataManager.