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Manual Activate PARTwarehouse service for Article assignment

For older versions, may be use at a single workstation is not provided for Article assignment. If this is the case the following preconditions have to be fulfilled.

  1. Installation of PARTsolutions and the respective catalog (e.g. Standard catalog)

  2. SQL server has to be available.

  3. On the installation medium, under tools\databases\Partwarehouse you can find the file create_tables.sql.

    Execute the file in order to create the needed database.

  4. Under $CADENAS_SETUP\partwarehouse, in the configuration file pwserver.cfg, enter the connection string.


    ConnectionString=DRIVER={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};UID=pwserver;LANGUAGE=us_english;
     DATABASE=PWServer;WSID=PROG-DEV091;APP={Microsoft® Windows® Operating System};

  5. Under %cadenas_setup% -> “pappserver.cfg” make the following adjustments:

    Search for the key “Services” and add the value “PartWareHouseService” as last value separated by comma.



  6. Under %appdata%\cadenas\partsolutions edit the configuration file partdatacenter.cfg:

    Change the key value of "showNodes" from "false" to "true".

  7. When working at a local workstation, in PARTadmin -> category AppServer client, select the option Use local AppServer.

  8. Close all PARTsolutions applications.

  9. Start PARTdataCenter.

  10. Under Workspace, click on the context menu command Set remote connection. (If the command is not displayed, possibly restart the computer.)

    -> The dialog box PARTdatacenter Classify server is opened.

  11. Select a component and confirm with Select.

    -> The environment for article assignment is activated.