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Manual  Show change history / Show history of products in subtree
[Note] Note

The history only concerns committed changes, not local ones which have been reverted by the Revert changes command.

The history can be used for research but also to restore a certain version with all changes up to the chosen point.

There are two commands for showing the history:

  • Show change history: All class changes are shown (name, description, class features)

  • Show history of products in subtree: All events of that products are shown which are assigned to a class in the subtree.


  1. In the context menu of a class, call the command Show change history.

    -> The dialog box Show History opens.

  2. Select an event. For this event you can call the context menu command Show Diff to current version.[9]

  3. Once an event is selected and you have clicked on OK, the status of the selected version is restored.

  4. Afterwards commit the changes.

Also see Section, “Revert committed changes”.

[9] only at "Show history", not at "Show history of products in subtree"