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Manual  Article Number Search with regular expression

The example in hand uses following CSV file and shall give an overview on the use of regular expressions.[4]

In the original state the manufacturer article number cannot be mapped on the corresponding one of the PARTsolutions catalog. Handicapping is the prefix "SK" before the manufacturer article number. The variance can simply be corrected by a regular expression, thus the automatic assignment can happen without problems then.

At first test the sample file with the settings under Section, “ Article Number Search standard procedure”. For this you just have to adjust the entry in the Product Source node on the new file. => No assignments can be made.

Now slightly modify the standard example:

  1. In the toolbar's context menu call the docking window Available filters.

  2. Select the filter Regular expression filter.

  3. Drag the filter on the edge between Product Source and Find Article Number.

  4. In the dialog box Pipe settings confirm with OK.

    -> Now the filter is part of the pipeline.

  5. Select the filter.

    -> The settings dialog is displayed.

  6. Perform the settings for the regular expression:

    • Define Regular Expression: Enter the desired regular expression.

      In the example in hand:


      With this expression you can remove any number of characters and empty spaces (everything except numbers) from a numerical sequence splitted by a dot.

      In order to test the action, under Input data, enter a number and click on Test. If the regular expression is correct, under Result, the desired result is displayed.

    • Case sensitivity: In the case of a case-sensitive prefix, activate the checkbox.

    • Replace result from Regular Expression with:

    • Field selection -> Field for modification: Determine the field to be modified. Here "Hersteller-Artikelnummer [manufacturer article number]".

    • Test: See above.

    • Output -> Update modification field:

      • Checkbox activated: The field stated under Field selection is overwritten. (In this way used in the example in hand.)

      • Checkbox deactivated: The output is written in the specified field, which would enable further operations based on this.

  7. Start the process.

  8. Open the product assignment under Workspace -> Catalogs -> <Name of CSV catalog> -> Products.

    Since "SK" is removed by the regular expression, the link can be created.

    Since "SK" is removed by the regular expression, the link can be created.

[4] The used sample file article_number_search_regexp.csv can be found under "$CADENAS/training/partdatacenter/article_number_assignment".