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Manual  Task details

Under Task details, set respective entries:

  • Name: Enter a name

  • Module: In the list field, select the desired option.

    • DBClearLogTask

      Configuration -> DaysToKeep

    • DBSearchIndexTask

      Configuration -> external, command, forceShutdown

    • PW2PSolExport

    • RunPipelineTask

      Configuration -> pipeline, TriggerFinishedEvent (CustomFinishedEvent, CustomFailedEvent)

    • RunScriptTask

      Configuration -> script (Determine path to desired vbb script.)

      E.g. create Pipeline-Mailreport

  • Timetable for when the task is supposed to run:

    Choose desired mode:

    • Time: Determine day and time

    • Interval: Repeat every <specified number of> seconds | minutes | hours

    • Event driven: Run task, when ...

      In the list field, either select a pre-defined task or enter an event name, which you specified before under CustomFinishedEvent or CustomFailedEvent (see Section, “Example "TriggerFinishedEvent"”).

      List field options:

      • analysis was done

      • pipeline was started

      • export from PARTdataCenter to PARTsolutions was done

      • database content changed