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Manual  Remove class assignment

Initial situation: A class assignment has been removed, the changes are uploaded to the server and now the changes shall be restored again.

  1. For a certain product, the command Remove class assignment is executed and the change is committed.

    -> In the Products view the class assignment is removed.

    -> In the Structure view the product is not displayed anymore.

  2. Switch to the Products view and on the respective product, call the context menu command Show change history.

    For the respective product no class is shown anymore.

    For the respective product no class is shown anymore.

    -> The dialog box Show History opens.

  3. In the history, select an event before the change to be reverted and confirm with OK.

  4. In the Structure view, select the class where the product had been assigned. The product is shown again (as changed ).

  5. Upload the changes to the server via Commit catalog changes to classification server command.

    -> Now the initial situation is restored again.