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Manual  Article Number Search standard procedure

The example in hand uses the following CSV file and shall give an overview on a complete standard procedure on the base of the template Article Number Search.[2]

CSV data

CSV data

  1. Create catalog from CSV:

    In the context menu of Workspace -> Catalogs -> Import catalog, click on Import from CSV. Proceed as already described under Section 1.1.3, “Create catalog from CSV file”.

    Create catalog from CSV

    Create catalog from CSV


    [Note] Note

    The display name in PARTdataCenter corresponds to the CSV name. However, you can adjust it anytime.

  2. Add new process:

    In the context menu of Workspace -> Processes -> Article Assignment, click on the context menu command Add new process.

    -> A new process is opened.

  3. Select the new process.

  4. Click on the button Load predefined template and then on the command Article Number Search.

    Load template for Article Number Search

    Load template for Article Number Search

    -> The pipeline is displayed.[3]

  5. Select Product Source.

    Under Catalog selection, click on the search button ....

    Select the desired CSV catalog and confirm with OK.

  6. Select Find Article Number.

    • Catalog Selection

      • Field containing the catalog: This option is also suitable if the CSV file contains data of several manufacturers.

        When clicking on the search button ..., a dialog box is opened where you can determine the field, which contains the catalog name.

        • Article number columns in PARTsolutions catalogs:

          [Note] Note

          This setting is only active, if Field containing the catalog is selected.

          With the help of the plus button you can add any number of lines, each with the combination of PSol catalog and PSol column name.

      • PARTsolutions catalog: When clicking on the search button ..., a dialog box with a listing of installed PARTsolutions catalogs is opened. Select the desired catalog and confirm with OK.

        • Article number column in PARTsolutions catalog:

          [Note] Note

          This setting is only active if the option PARTsolutions catalog is selected.

          • Predefined column: The classification is automatically queried, which contains the information on order number.

          • User defined column: Determine the column containing the order number by manual entry.

      • Article Number Selection: Choose the field (or several), which contains the article number.

      • Optional settings:

        Dimension field (e.g. M32x100): Should the article number not be unique, you may declare a further field for distinction.

  7. Click on the Start button to execute the pipeline.

    -> In the docking window Performance a respective message is displayed.

  8. Now have a look on the result:

[2] You can find the used sample file article_number_search.csv under "$CADENAS/training/partdatacenter/article_number_assignment".

[3] When selecting nodes, the respective setting options are shown.