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1.1.10. LinkDB Import

Just as links can be saved in the LinkDB, they also can be imported into PARTdataCenter from there. Links could be validated there, for example and then be exported into the LinkDB again.

  • Login with Username and Password:

    Check the login for correctness by clicking on Log in.

  • Import settings

    • Import catalog: Specify the PARTsolutions catalog (or several as well).

    • Reimport NB: optionally

  • Mapping settings:

    • Catalog: Specify the CSV catalog imported to PARTdataCenter.

    • ERP number attribute: Enter the corresponding field in the CSV catalog, which shall be mapped to the ERP_PDM_NUMBER.

    • Source - Mapping: Under Source all LinkDB variables are listed. Under Mapping you can specify the desired field in the CSV catalog.