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Manual  Import from CAD

[Note] Note
  • You can import a flat or a subdivided structure. Directories are overtaken as classes.

  • In order for the parts to be displayed later the class in which you import has to have class features. See Section, “Create Class features ”.

  • The CAD system must be started.

  1. In the Structure view, select the import directory and in the context menu, click on the command Import products from CAD.

    -> The respective dialog box opens.

  2. Select the option Directory.

  3. In order to choose the import directory click on the browse button ....

    -> An Explorer window opens.

  4. Determine the directory where the native CAD parts are stored and confirm with OK.

    -> A note is displayed.

    The import directory itself will not be overtaken as class.

    The import directory itself will not be overtaken as class.

    Confirm with OK.

    -> The dialog box Format selection appears.

    Check the appropriate CAD system version and confirm with OK.

    -> Select directory: Now the path to the desired import directory is inserted.

    Confirm with OK.

    -> The import process has been started now and the dialog box Import options for format <CAD system> is displayed. If needed, adjust the settings and confirm with Ok.

    Apply to all CAD formats:

    Normally the dialog would open for each format, e.g. for .prt and .asm. If the option is activated then the dialog won't be displayed a second time.

  5. Now the import process is running and the imported parts are displayed on the tabbed page Products. Each row is marked with a blue plus sign which points out that the products have not yet been uploaded to the server.

  6. Commit changes to the server, now or later.

    -> After an upload the products are marked by a green checkmark.

  7. Edit product documents:

    In the context menu of a product, click on the command Edit product documents.

    -> The same-named dialog box opens.

    The imported product has a geometry in zjv format and a preview image in png format which have been automatically created during the import process from the native CAD file.

    Via Add geometry, Add preview image, Add technical view and Delete you can replace documents or add new ones (for example a technical drawing).

  8. Edit product attributes:

    In order to edit product attributes directly click into table fields.

    Alternatively click on the context menu command Edit product attributes.

    -> The dialog box Edit product opens. For editing click into the desired field.