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7.9.  Sketcher docking window

7.9.1. Overview of user interface
7.9.2. Launching the Sketcher Create new sketch Edit sketch
7.9.3. Function buttons Basics for use Point Connection points for assembly construction Connection points in general Name conventions for Connection points and Insertion lines Direction of connection points Connection points at miters Connection points at connection elements Create Connection line Create pattern Create pattern with linear alignment Create rotated pattern Irregular patterns Using face attributes for patterns Sweep Connection points as Published elements for automatic placement in the CAD Lines Line through 2 points Create parallel line Perpendicular to line through point Midpoint perpendicular to line Angle bisector between two lines Line at angle to line with length Line at angle to horizontal, length Horizontal line Vertical line Line tangent to 2 circles Tangent from point to circle N-edge Circle Arc Delete Transform Move selection Mirror selection Rotate selection Matrix copy Variant copy Attributes Edit existing geometry Insert Chamfer/Fillet... with Blend feature What is the purpose of the Blend Feature What is NOT the purpose of the Blend Feature Basics - Create chamfer or fillet General tips & notes What should be considered All blends, whose edges meet, have to be made as one blend Blends in pattern Tangent continuous Preview presentation for Chamfer/Fillet Face selection Combination of Sweep and Blend Depiction of Chamfer/Fillet in different CAD systems Not supported installation situations Function "Generate sketch on selected face" needs at least one edge without Blend Several intersecting chamfers/fillets and Blend feature in addition Edges resulting from Blends Maximum radius of Chamfer/Fillet Blends whose edges meet with different size each Combination of a fillet and a chamfer Radius of chamfer/fillet larger than distance to adjoining geometry Threads Cylindrical thread by length Outer thread with example pin Regular thread Different pitches and derived automatic calculations for e.g. Row Label and Core diameter Inner thread using the example of a cap nut Conical thread by lengths Regular thread Text File management *.dbs-, *.skt bzw. *.hsk files - "Insert sketch" window Window „DXF Import“
7.9.4. Sketch history
7.9.5. Context menus of Sketch history Change parameter Rotation axis Delete step Mark dependent elements Delete step include dependent elements
7.9.6. Mathematical functions (Sketch)
7.9.7. Problem avoidance

A 3D solid body must always be created via a 2D sketch. This 2D sketch is created in a separate menu area, the Sketcher.

With the help of extrusions, rotations and cuts, 3D parts eventually result from the 2D sketches in the 3D History and/or 3D view.