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Manual N-edge

Insert rectangle :

Create a rectangle across base and diagonal End point.

  1. Click on base point and "pull" rectangle with mouse.

  2. Fix endpoint with mouse.

Exact positions and measurements can be set in the Change parameter window.

Insert hexagon :

Create a hexagon via midpoint and width across flats.

  1. Click on midpoint.

  2. Fix size via mouse-click.

  3. In the Change parameter window, set the width across flats.

Insert N-sided polygon :

Via midpoint and

  1. Click on midpoint (not visible!) and "pull" N-agon with mouse.

  2. Fix size via mouse-click.

  3. Through circular motion of the cursor around the midpoint, the number of N-agon changes. The smaller the angle between the help lines, the larger the number of corners.

  4. Fix via mouse-click and possibly adjust values in the Change parameter window.

[Note] Note

The Center point of a hexagon or a N-agon will later not display a snap!