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Manual Connection points in general

The single parts created in PARTdesigner can be assembled with the Configurator.[94]To enable this, in PARTdesigner, the parts must be assigned precisely defined and named insertion and connection points.


A cuboid contains a boring into which a screw is to be inserted later (assembly configuration). Therefore a connection point needs to be applied for the boring.

  1. Click on the Face, in which the boring is to be applied. --> The according Sketch shows up in the History highlighted in color.

  2. Right-click on the context menu of the sketch (in this example, Sketch 2).

  3. Click on Edit....

  4. The Sketcher is opened.

  5. Click on the button Insert connection point .

  6. "Catch" the center of the circle (boring) with your cursor and affix it with a simple mouse-click.

    --> The point gets a green triangle symbol .

    --> The Change parameter window opens.

    When freely placing the insertion point (without snap), then in the dialog the options Position X and Position Y are found in addition.

    Assign a name to the connection point - for example: cp1 - and confirm with OK.

    Optionally, you may make changes in the other fields as well.

    Also see Section, “Direction of connection points ” und ???.

  7. Click on the button Accept changes .

    --> The Sketcher is closed.

    --> In the 3D view the connection point is also identified with a green pyramid symbol .

Coordinate system at connection points

By default, the coordinate system is not shown at connection points.

However, you can it enable by setting the key value to "1" (under $CADENAS_USER).