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Manual Create rotated pattern

In rotated patterns the borings are circularly arranged around a central point.

Rotated pattern with borings

Rotated pattern with borings

The following example shows the design process of a rotated pattern step by step in detail.

Initial situation: The origin boring is already created by Cut extrude (Sketch 2). It shall be copied in circular form so that 12 borings are created in total.

Origin boring

Origin boring

  1. Open the sketch containing the origin boring and set the pattern origin on the boring via button Pattern origin..

  2. Via Generate sketch on selected face, create a new sketch for the pattern.

    [Note] Note

    Set the sketch for the pattern points on the same plane as the sketch with the pattern origin.

  3. In this sketch, set the starting point for the pattern design exactly at the same place, where the pattern origin is in the other sketch.

  4. Select the point.

    -> In this way the copy commands become enabled.

  5. With pressed Ctrl key, click on the button Rotate selection .

    [Note] Note

    Without Ctrl key you perform a move action and with a copy action.

    Press the Ctrl key during performing the following steps.

    Follow the notes in status line:

    • Choose rotation point

    • Choose reference angle by point

    • Choose rotation angle by point

    -> The dialog box Change parameter is opened.

  6. Adjust the values in input fields for Amount, Rotation point and Rotation angle and confirm with Ok.

  7. Delete the base point via Delete element , because it would be created twice otherwise. The base point is in another sketch.

  8. Click on the button Accept changes .

    -> The sketcher is closed.

  9. In 3D History, mark the design steps Cut extrude and the sketch, which contains the pattern (here in example Sketch 3) and in the context menu, click Create pattern.

    Create pattern

    Create pattern

    -> The borings are copied according to the pattern.

  10. Align borings to reference point

    [Note] Note

    A central reference point of the pattern has to be set, because CAD systems won't recognize the pattern as a rotated pattern otherwise.

    • In center of pattern, add a point.

    • Click on the button Reference point for rotated pattern .

      Reference point for rotated pattern

      Reference point for rotated pattern

    • Finally confirm by clicking the button Accept changes .