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Manual  Rotation axis

[Note] Note

Precondition for rotating the 2D sketch (context menu command Rotate...) is a Rotation axis. If it isn't specified yet in the Sketcher, the following error message appears when calling the command Rotate....

The Rotation axis is highlighted by a dot-dash line in the 3D view.

Rotation axis highlighted by dot-dash line

Rotation axis highlighted by dot-dash line

  1. Right-click on the line/edge which you want to define as the rotation axis.

    -> The corresponding context menu opens.

  2. Select the command Attributes -> Rotation axis.

    -> The line/edge first marked in red, then shows up as a dotted line axis.

  3. First take over these changes by pressing the Sketch OK button.

    -> The 2D Sketcher is closed.

    In the 3D view the Rotation axis is now visible as well.