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Manual Delete

Delete element :

  1. Click on the element that you want to delete in the 2D drawing.

  2. Select Delete element.

The order in which you carry out steps 1) and 2) is irrelevant.

-> In the 2D drawing, the element is removed, however in the History the according Feature remains intact. A relation line from the feature "Delete element" to the feature of the deleted element (see figure) occurs. This relation line can only be seen by you when you let the secondary features be displayed.


You may undo the deletion process.

  1. To do so, right-click to open the context menu of the feature Delete element.

  2. Select Delete step.

Delete element with condition: Assign a Condition to the Delete function.

  1. Follow the same steps as with the Delete element function (above).

    -> The Change parameter window opens.

  2. Enter your desired Condition and confirm with OK.

    -> In the example, the marked line will only then be created if the value for variable H is greater than 8.

[Note] Note

Delete element with condition should only be used with individual sketch elements. Do not connect the entire sketch to a condition since this can then become completely invalid!

In order to hide a sketch completely use the option Condition in the dialog box Rotational solid or Extrusion solid (see next figure).

Condition in dialog box "Rotational solid"

Condition in dialog box "Rotational solid"

Delete at dependent design elements

Once design is placed on faces of the 3D model (e.g. by Generate sketch on selected face or Face attributes...), the base feature in the Sketch history is highlighted blue.

Furthermore the base line is highlighted brown.

Generate sketch on selected face

Generate sketch on selected face

Base feature highlighted in Sketch history and Sketcher

Base feature highlighted in Sketch history and Sketcher

Features with dependent design elements cannot be deleted. Corresponding commands in the sketch history (context menu command Delete step), in the sketch (context menu command Delete step) and in the toolbar ( Delete element and Delete element with condition) are disabled.