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Manual File management

Delete last step :

Removes the last created construction step from the history tree and/or the sketch.

[Note] Note

The Delete last step command cannot be undone!

Import sketch :

Insert an existing sketch into the currently opened one, or replace the current one. These sketches may have been created either:

  • in PARTdesigner 2D (file ending *.dbs),

  • in 2D CAD systems (file ending *.dxf )

  • or in the feature-based Sketcher as templates with file ending *.hsk or in the conventional Sketcher under *.skt .

Depending on the File type (*.dbs, *.dxf, etc.) that you select, a specific window opens (see Section, “*.dbs-, *.skt bzw. *.hsk files - "Insert sketch" window ” and the following ), in which you can make settings concerning the import of the sketch.

Execute DXFHealer

See under Section, “Window „DXF Import“ ”.

Save sketch :

A sketch can be saved as...

  • a template for future sketches (file format *.hsk),

  • a 2D drawing (file template *.2db )

  • or for editing in PARTdesigner 2D (file format *.dbs )

Accept changes :

Those changes that have been made since opening the sketch are saved and the Sketcher is closed.

If there is an Error in the sketch, is cannot be saved. An error message will be displayed (see figure).

Discard changes :

The changes that have been made since the opening of the sketch will not be saved.