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Manual Text

[Note] Note

The button group is only displayed if the sketcher has been opened via

File menu -> New Drawing


3D History Docking window -> Plane context menu -> New 2D drawing....

Insert text:

  1. Click on the button and then on the desired insertion point.

    -> The dialog box Change parameter is opened and the snap appears at the selected position.

  2. Under Text, enter the desired text and determine the appearance with the following setting options:

    • Font height

    • Angle

    • Text position

      The red point at the "A" shows the relation to the text.

    • Text justification: left, center, right

    • Position X

    • Position Y

  3. Confirm with OK.

Insert BMG Layer

[Note] Note

Precondition is an up-to-date CNS classification. The feature is officially provided with V11 SP6.

Classify element:

  1. Click on the element to be classified and then on the button.

    -> The dialog box Change parameter is opened.

  2. Under Group and Classification, select the desired option.

  3. Confirm with OK.

Hide classified elements:

  1. Click on the button.

    -> The dialog area Hide classified elements is opened.

  2. Activate/deactivate the checkbox at desired groups or layers.

An example on this can be found under Section, “BMG Layer (DIN4003) ”.