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Manual  Attributes

Mark geometry as cosmetic element:

Use the command in order to mark the geometry as a cosmetic element.

Marked elements are not displayed in 3-D, however are visible in the 2D derivation.

[Note] Note

To create threads, please use the buttons Cylindrical thread by length and Conical thread by lengths. See Section, “ Threads ”.

Apply line width :

  1. Mark element.

  2. Click on Apply line width button.

  3. Select line width from pull-down menu.

Apply line type :

  1. Mark element.

  2. Click on Apply line type button.

  3. Select line type from pull-down menu

Apply user attributes :

Set the individual attributes that are to be exported later on along with the marked element to the imported CAD system.

  1. Mark element.

  2. Click on Apply user attributes button.

  3. In the Key field, set the attribute name, in the Value field, set the value for the attribute.