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Manual Irregular patterns

Taking over patterns into the CAD system may be problematic. When testing, in certain cases a warning is shown. See Section, “ Test project / Test directory ”.

[Note] Note

The following cases must be differentiated between:

  • Pattern is neither circular (see rotation pattern), nor linear (see linear pattern)

    --> During project tests, a warning always shows up.

  • Pattern is circular or linear + contains less than 25 elements

    --> The number of "empty spaces" is irrelevant.

  • Pattern is circular or linear + contains more than 25 elements

    --> Max. 10% of the spaces my be empty.


Linear pattern with 13*2=26 elements with 2 empty spaces Linear pattern with13*2=26 elements with 8 empty spaces Linear pattern with 6*2=12 elements with 7 empty spaces
OK Warning OK