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Manual Create pattern with linear alignment

Initial situation: You want to place a line of borings with the same distance in a profile rail.

The following figure shows the face where the boring shall be placed and the plane for the sketch of the boring.

Step 1: Set a boring, which is to be used as pattern origin for the others.

  1. To do so, create a sketch with the following contour.

  2. Define a point as pattern origin (first button Insert point, then button Pattern origin).

  3. Close the sketch.

  4. Rotate the created contour via context menu command Cut -> Rotate....

    -> Intermediate result: The original boring of the pattern has been created.

Step 2: Create the line of borings.

  1. In the plane with the original boring for the pattern, via command New sketch..., create a new sketch.

  2. In this sketch, via button Insert point , set the starting point for the pattern design exactly at the same place where the pattern origin is in the other sketch.

  3. Copy the point via Move selection .

    [Note] Note

    Pressed Ctrl key will effect a copy otherwise the selection is moved.

    • Mark the starting point (draw a rectangle with pressed shift key).

      -> Only now the command Move selection is selectable.

      [Note] Note

      Hold Ctrl key when performing following steps!

    • Click Move selection .

    • Choose start of move vector

    • Select end of move vector

      -> Dialog box Change parameter is opened.

    • Enter Amount of copies.

    • Confirm with OK.

  4. Delete the starting point via Delete element , because it would be created twice. The starting point already is in the other sketch as pattern origin.

    Now you have following situation.

  5. Close the sketcher by clicking the button Accept changes .

  6. Select history item Cut Rotate (based on the sketch with Pattern origin) and also the Sketch containing the pattern points with pressed Ctrl key.

  7. Then call the context menu command Create pattern.

  8. Click on this command.

    Final result: The boring pattern has been inserted. In the 3D History, you can see the construction step Pattern.