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Manual *.dbs-, *.skt bzw. *.hsk files - "Insert sketch" window

If you import a *.dbs, *.skt or *.hsk file, the Insert sketch window opens.

  • The Variable assignment menu area: You can allocate the Variables in the sketch to be imported and the currently opened PARTdesigner sketch. In the Allocations in sketch field you can see the variables of the imported sketch, and in the Variable in part field, those of the current PARTdesigner sketch.

    Variable names, which occur in both sketches, can be allocated via the button Allocate denominators. Attributed variables are then read for example as A --> A (see fig.).

    Manual allocation occurs by consecutively clicking on the variables to be combined.

    f you do not want to combine a variable from the imported sketch to any other one, combine it with the " ---" symbol.

  • Insert at menu area: Enter at which insertion point ( X , Y ) and in which Angle the imported sketch is to be added to the current sketch.

  • Menu area Preview: 2D view of imported sketch.

Via th Add button, the imported sketch is added to the currently opened sketch.

Via the Replace button, the currently opened sketch is replaced by the imported sketch.