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Manual  Basics for use

The following explains the basic instructions for use:

  • Carry out a function

    • Activate button with simple mouse-click.

      --> The buttons' function is "hanging" on to the cursor and the button is marked by a frame.

    • Move the cursor to the desired location in the sketch.

      --> Depending on the selected command, the object snap (circular symbol) becomes visible.

    • Carry out the function of the buttons through simple mouse-clicks at the desired spot (e.g. Insert line).

  • Deactivate commands: Activated commands are deactivated when clicking on another commands and/or by right-clicking into the 2D drawing area.

    [Note] Note

    Only when clicking into the empty area of sketch with secondary mouse key before, an element can be selected!

  • Some commands are inactive at first

    The buttons of the menu group Copy, Mirror, Rotate, for example, are only then able to be selected when a sketch element has been marked.

    [Note] Note

    Only when clicking into the empty area of sketch with secondary mouse key before, an element can be selected!

  • Automatic object snap for activated commands : If you move the cursor in the immediate area of an end, middle or intersection point, these points will be surrounded by a small circle and thus identified as a construction help point.

  • Sorting in groups

    To improve the overview, the individual function buttons are summarized in groups with similar functions. You can also move a button group.

  • Turn button groups on / off:

    Right-click into a toolbar and set or remove the checkmark at the desired toolbar.

  • Shortcuts

    You can call the single functions in the Sketcher via shortcuts.

    Advantage: Saving of time. Shortcuts will help you execute commands much quicker as with mouse.

    Disadvantage: You have to remember shortcuts. Tool also show the shortcut beside the command name, so that you will learn them with time.

    The following figure gives an overview on all shortcuts.

    Overview Shortcuts

    Overview Shortcuts

    There are different modes to call them:

    • Only character/number

    • c + character/number (c stands for Ctrl key)

    • s + character/number (s stands for shift key)

    • cs + character/number (cs stands for Ctrl key combined with shift key)

    • a + character/number ( a stands for Alt key)

    Esc clears selected function.

    Under PARTdesigner -> Extras menu -> Settings... -> Sketcher (feat.) -> Shortcuts you can adjust already existing shortcuts.

    In order to find the correct command be oriented towards Fig. „Overview Shortcuts “. When knowing the shortcut you can search for it in the column Key. Enter the new desired shortcut here and make sure that there is no conflict to another already existing, because the command won't work then.