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11.1.4. Create Connection line

Connection lines can be used for movable elements. For example, for connectors of profiles, which move in a groove.

Connection lines are created from a combination of one "normal" connection point and an absolute plane.

Create connection point (line)

Open a new sketch and enter the desired connection points.

[Note] Note

In order to clarify that these points are to be treated as connection lines, do the following:

  • Set a checkmark at Connection line


  • determine the Length of connection line.

Change parameter

Change parameter

Connection line symbol :

Connection lines are identified by pyramid symbol and additionally with a green line at the pyramid's base.

Create absolute plane in connection with connection points

Every Connection point needs its Fixed plane.

The Base point indicates the starting point of a Connection line.

[Important] Important

The coordinates of the Base point must be conform to the connection point.

Fixed plane

Fixed plane

In the 3-D preview, the green coordinate axis identifies the Connection line .

The pyramid symbol , which is used for the connection point in the 3-D preview, is used identically for the connection lines.

[Note] Note

The connection line is always shown in the middle position.

Name convention plane - connection line

The name of the plane must be plane_<side_nr>.

In other words: The numerical value of a plane corresponds to the numerical value of the respective connection point (connection line):

plane_1 <-> side_1, plane_5a <-> side_5a, etc.

The sum of the numerical values of the opposite connection points must be the same. (In this example: 1+6, 2+5, the sum is 7 both times).