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Manual Window „DXF Import“

If you import a *.dxf file, the DXF Import window opens.

  • Filter of attribute/layer menu area:

    In this field you will find a list of the layers of the import sketch and their assigned settings. Layers with the setting continuous are transferred into the PARTdesigner sketch. If you want to exclude layers/sketch elements from transfer to PARTdesigner, mark the respective layer row and in the option field, set a checkmark at Ignore associated elements (more than one is possible in order).

[Note] Note

In PARTdesigner only elements are acknowledged/displayed which contain the property Solid.

  • Element filter menu area:

    By clicking in to the respective option field you are setting the sketch elements (points, lines, circles, arcs) are to be exported to be transferred to PARTdesigner.

  • Error corrections menu area:

    • Delete duplicate elements

      Lines that cover each other are deleted before the sketch is imported.

    • Execute outline fitting

      Possible spaces between sketch elements are closed, since the sketch cannot be saved with interrupted contours in PARTdesigner.

    • Execute DXFHealer [101]


      Via Execute DXFHealer you can activate the function directly upon import.

      For the already imported sketch, use the button in the toolbar.


      The following examples show the results of an error cleanup:

      Example 1 before

      Example 1 before

      Example 1 after

      Example 1 after

      Example 2 before

      Example 2 before

      Example 2 after

      Example 2 after

      Message window

      If changes have been made they will be announced in the message window. If nothing is announced, no changed have been made.

      Example message

      Example message

      The following message ares possible, among others:

      • x polygon chains were replaced through circles

      • x polygon chains were replaced by arcs

      • x very small elements were removed

      • x lines blended

      Configuration file

      [Note] Note

      In order to adjust changes according to your wishes, you can change the settings in the configuration file under $CADENAS_USER/dxfimportheal.cfg.

      • If 2 points have a smaller distance than pointEps, they will be considered equal. Through pointEps the number of the decimal places (in the example value below '3' [for pointEps, select no values under 0,001]) has been set. For the midpoints of arcs, more decimal points may occur.


      • If the difference between 2 angles is smaller than angleEps degree, they will be considered equal.


      • If a polygon has more than minVertexCountForArc corners that are located on a circle, then it is advanced by a circle and/or arc.


      • A polygon chain must at least have the length minLinesForArc in order to be advanced by an arc.


      • An element is seen as small, in other words it is removed it is smaller than smallAbs or than smallRel in relation to the entire size.


        Maximum distance to original (absolute and relative)


        ABS are absolute values, REL is relative to size of part. If more is to be removed, then select the values larger. small<x> and maxDistrToOrig<x> should have about the same dimensions.

  • Insert at menu area

    Enter at which insertion point (X, Y) and at which Angle the imported sketch should be added to the current sketch.

  • Preview menu area

    2D view of imported sketch.

  • Add

    The imported sketch is added to the currently opened one.

  • Replace

    The currently opened sketch is replaced by the imported sketch.

[101] New as of PARTsolutions V9