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Manual General tips & notes
  • Color Blend feature

    You can colour a blend via PARTproject -> Show project -> tabbed page General -> Color and texture -> Color. However, in this way the whole part is colored.

    [Note] Note

    Face attributes

    As of V11 SP 4 there is another possibility to use face attributes (color and material). However, this function is not downwards compatible.

    In order to use face attributes, in the context menu of Blend use the command Feature attributes....

    Details on this can be found under Section, “ Render material - Functionality ”.

  • Preference face selection over edge selection

    If edge selection and face selection lead to the same result, in complex cases, basically, use face selection. If only one or two certain edges shall be edited for example, you can decide for the more comfortable and quicker proceeding.

    When taking this into account, there will be created less features in CAD systems and there won´t be problems with parametric parts!

    Details on face selection can be found under Section, “Face selection”.

  • Performance

    For a better performance you can deactivate the Preview presentation. Details can be found under Section, “ Preview presentation for Chamfer/Fillet ”.

  • Export

    For a STEP-Export, generally, only STEP should be used, NO STEP 3D, as this format does not support the blend feature.

  • Graphical glitches

    • In version 11.00 SP3 there are some graphical glitches. They only occur in the PARTsolutions 3D view. When exporting the part, it is correctly transferred.

    • Sometimes the glitch can be avoided by choosing another method for the creation of chamfer or fillet.

    • If edges do not meet, create the blend as two different blends instead of one “big” blend.

    • In rare cases it is possible that symmetric parts show a defect due to a certain sequence of blend selection.[95]Changing the sequence of selected blends should solve the problem.



    • In SP3 there is a glitch in the 3D preview when using the Blend feature for a tapered body. The glitch only occurs in the PARTsolutions preview, so that PARTsolutions 2D derivation and exported part will be correctly.[96] There are still some more graphical glitches, but they all should only concern the PARTsolutions 3D view, so that the PARTsolutions 2D derivation and the exported part will be correctly.

  • Please also use Testmeta in order to check parts.

    Export a part into the CAD and check the blends.

[Note] Note

If glitches are critical, surfaces destroyed or the glitch even appears in a CAD system, please report it to support@cadenas.de.

[95] #94869

[96] #94893