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2.6.  CAD encompassing reference of all menu commands

2.6.1. Insert 3D from the Standard and supplier parts library Standard placement "In Cylinder " "On surface " "Touching Surfaces"
2.6.2. Insert model (2D) from the Standard and supplier parts library
2.6.3. New view
2.6.4. Seamless integration of the PARTsolutions library in CAD "Search" tabbed page Search filter Accessory part filter "Catalogs" tabbed page "Favorites" tabbed page Tabbed page "View" - Variables in List view or Table view | View | Technical details | 2D derivation | Links | Topology Determine variables in List view Determine variables in Table view 3D view tabbed page Technical details tabbed page 2D derivation tabbed page Links tabbed page Topology Transfer to CAD Settings Update catalogs Seamless with ERP integration Trouble-shooting: Seamless by using of Offline CDs
2.6.5. Search for unmachined parts
2.6.6. Replace
2.6.7. Insert repeatedly
2.6.8. Extras Load PS2 file Load PS3 File Run script Release License Settings Event handling
2.6.9. Execute Geometric Search Call Actions in the search result list Further actions in the "Geometric search (3D)" dialog box
2.6.10. LIVEsearch LIVEsearch Toolbar: Context menu commands Settings via dialog Settings via PARTadmin Currently supported CAD systems:
2.6.11. Partial search
2.6.12. Topo Search
2.6.13. Insert Connection
2.6.14. Settings
2.6.15. User library Insert Insert features into library (UDF)
2.6.16. About CADENAS Licenses System info/Support Help About CADENAS PARTsolutions

[Note] Note

The following chapter contains all possible CAD system commands. In order to view only those relevant to your system, use the links in the menu tables under Section 2.5, “CAD specific menu commands and information ”.