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2.6.10.  LIVEsearch

When LIVEsearch is enabled, the model is scanned on the fly in the background and geometrically similar parts are filtered from a specified search area and shown in the dialog area LIVEsearch [22].

In this way the modeler gets information on already available parts for a possible reuse or on adequate supplier parts.

LIVEsearch sample in Inventor

LIVEsearch sample in Inventor

  • Toggle LIVEsearch

    When clicking on Toggle LIVEsearch, you can activate or deactivate the LIVEsearch anytime.

    Alternatively, you can click on the respective button in the toolbar.

    Example Solid Works: LIVEsearch in PARTsolutions Toolbar

    Example Solid Works: LIVEsearch in PARTsolutions Toolbar

    You will receive a short message on the current state.

    In deactivated state no search is running in background.

  • Automated call of LIVEsearch

    You can determine when a new search should automatically be executed by clicking on the button Event handling.

    • LIVEsearch on change: New search when model is changed. Fine tuning of update frequency can be performed via config file. See here.

    • LIVEsearch on save: New search when model is saved.

    The best result part can automatically be loaded into the Part comparison. See here.

  • Open LIVEsearch manually

    Independent of the set search mode, you can call the LIVEsearch manually anytime.

    Hereto click on Display LIVEsearch results.

  • Display position of LIVEsearch: The LIVEsearch is displayed on the very bottom in the CAD system. However, you can freely move the bar on the desired position. When double-clicking, the bar returns to its origin position.


[Note] Note

Before using LIVEsearch, make sure that under $CADENAS_USER/seamless.cfg, in key SearchFolders, the desired search folders are entered. Several catalogs can be entered separated by comma.



After this PARTdataManager or Seamless has to be restarted.

[22] You can set how long the pop-up window should be visible. See here.

Search interval can be set via config key. See here.