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Manual Settings via PARTadmin

[Note] Note

After changes, please restart PARTdataManager or Seamless.

Perform the settings in the configuration file under $CADENAS_USER/seamless.cfg:

  • Block LiveSearch.

    • OpenInSeamless:

      • yes: Part is opened in Seamless.

      • no: Part is opened in PARTdataManager.

    • CloseTimeout: Time in seconds when pop-up window is closed.

    • SearchFolders: Enter desired search paths comma separated



    • SearchTemplate: Option to adjust geosearch templates for the LIVEsearch. Leave the settings by default.



    • MaxResults: Maximum number of results

    • WorstResult: Geometric similarity of worst result

    • SearchLines:

      • yes: Search for lines

      • no: Search for projects

    • Keys to control update frequency of results

      If no settings have been made, the display is updated after each changed feature. If you don't want this, configure timeouts.

      Default value is always 0, which equals a deactivation of key.

      Values > 0 will be evaluated. The difference between the two first and the two last keys is marginal. So preferably only use the two first keys.

      • TimeoutAfterFeature: Timeout before search in seconds after a feature has been modified

      • TimeoutAfterSearch: Minimum interval in seconds between two searches

      • SaveTimeoutAfterFeature: Time in seconds after feature end and saving (in PSOL)

      • SaveTimeoutAfterSearch: Minimum timeout in seconds before saving the document (in PSOL) again after a search has been executed

  • Block SettingsIndexTree:

    • DefaultCellSize: Tile size

      Default: 120,120

  • $CADENAS_USER/psolopt.cfg -> block [CadAssistant] -> key StepFormat:

    If Automatically update best result in part compare is on, the import dialog for STL 3D is opened by default (for each event).

    If you want to import Step, set the key StepFormat on YES.