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Manual  Links tabbed page

The docking window Links contains links to related parts.

Depending on selection in the list field, the desired category is used for the part comparison.

This may be:

  • Directory

    Parts from the same directory are displayed.

  • Accessories

    Corresponding parts linked in the project are displayed.

    The following figure shows the opened accessory part.

    If the table is filtered, the icon accessory part filter on/off appears. When clicking on the icon, all characteristics are shown and the icon is grayed out .

    Details on this can be found under Section, “Table filtered by Accessory part ”.

  • Similar parts

    Geometrically similar parts are displayed.

    • Current catalog - Similar parts

    • All catalogs - Similar parts

    • Standards - Similar parts

    • Edit template

Details on this can be found under Section, “ Docking window "Links" ”.