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2.6.11.  Partial search

Functional description

The Partial search is a geometrical search. However, not parts are used as reference, but individual features such as plane, cylinder, etc. And then parts containing these features are found. The geometrical arrangement of features is also taken into account. Parts to compare can be Standards, supplier or company parts as well.


  • It is highly recommended to import and update data of your own part catalogs with available license PSADDONS*ADVANCEDTOPO. Basically it will also work without this license, but the quality will be much better with it.

  • By default, there is no index generated for the partial search. It has to be activated for each catalog.[24]

Partial 3d similarity search – Find patterns and arrangements

In the following you can find a description on how to perform a Partial Search for parts in your CAD system.

In some CAD systems the feature selection can be made directly in the opened part. If this function is available, you can find the command Execute Partial Search in the PARTsolutions menu. Otherwise this functionality is available via Seamless or PARTdataManager (see below).

  1. Click on the command Perform Partial Search.

  2. Select the desired features to search for.

  3. Finally confirm with the Esc key.

    -> If the Seamless dialog area is not opened yet, this will happen now.

    -> The Partial search is immediately performed and the results are shown in Seamless.

  4. In order to change search settings, in the Seamless window, click on the link Partial search.

    In this example, activate the option Negative part. Default setting for Accuracy is Intermediate, if needed, change on Accurate or Rough.

    Finally confirm by clicking Commit.

  5. Then in the Seamless dialog, click on Start search.

    -> Now fitting negative parts are found.

Alternatively (or if the command Execute Partial Search is not available), you can open a part via Seamless. In the dialog box, you can find the command From CAD.

Or as well from PARTdataManager. See Section, “ Partial search: The most important at a glance”.

Examples on Partial Search can be found under Section, “ Partial search: Examples of use”.

[24] Before using the Partial search, make sure that under $CADENAS_SETUP/geomsearch.cfg, in the key PartialSearchCatalogs, the catalog path, which shall be used for the Partial search, is inserted and after this the geometrical index is created or updated again for the respective catalog as a whole.



Several catalog have to be inserted separated by comma.