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Manual Call

In the PARTsolutions menu (or toolbar) of your CAD system click on Execute Geometric Search . (In active assemblies, select the desired single part before.)

-> The Seamless dialog box opens and the active part in your CAD system is loaded and activated Geometric search (3D) under search function . The respective preview image is displayed.

-> The search is immediately started.

For assemblies the following query appears first (if inside the assembly no component is selected):

Call "Execute Geometric Search" exemplified in NX

Call "Execute Geometric Search" exemplified in NX

By default the search is performed over "all catalogs". Optionally adjust the setting under Search in. Leave the setting Search for parts.

Calling the Geometric Search automatically a STL file is created from the chosen part in the CAD. The path is displayed.

In order to execute the Geometric Search in the Seamless window click on Start search.