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Manual  Insert

The following describes how you can import your own part from your CAD system into the User library and then export it.

[Note] Note

Before you are able to use this function, in PARTadmin, under $CADENAS_SETUP, you have to adjust the following setting in the configuration file pappserver.cfg:


Otherwise following error message appears:

  1. Open or design a part (assembly) in your CAD system.

  2. Select User library -> Insert.

  3. ➝ The Select folder dialog is opened.

  4. Optionally click on Create folder, in order to create a new subfolder.

    -> The New directory dialog opens. Enter the Last name and Description and confirm with OK.

  5. Select a folder in which you want to import the part and confirm with OK.

    --> The part is only located in the My Parts library.

    [Note] Note

    During the check-in process, a geometric classification (fingerprint) is automatically executed so that the own part can also be available for the geometrical search.

  6. Add, if desired, the data of the part by upgrading the respective table, for example:

    • In the Select folder dialog, click on Create tab files


    • after the part has been inserted into the User library call up the Create tables dialog with PARTdataManager -> Table -> Edit. Select the Table tab page.

      [Note] Note

      You can only edit the tab file with admin rights.

      [Note] Note

      When importing assemblies into the User library only the assembly's table may be edited.

      Create tables

      Create tables

      (Possibly better enlarge dialog box in order to see the scroll bar for horizontal scrolling.)

      More information to this you can find under Section, “ Table menu ”.

  7. Exporting own parts from the My Parts directory into the CAD system is the same process as for standard and supplier parts.

    In the PARTsolutions menu, click on Insert 3D.