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2.6.6.  Replace

The following describes how single parts from the standard and supplier part library can be replaced through alternatives.

  1. Mark the desired object in the CAD system.

    Figure exemplarily from Creo (in principle identical in all CADs)

    Figure exemplarily from Creo (in principle identical in all CADs)

  2. Click on the menu item Replace.

    -> The query dialog Select replacement mode is displayed.

    Select replacement mode

    Select replacement mode

    • Replace selected instances

    • Replace all instances

      All parts and assemblies in an assembly are searched through, both up and down.

  3. Click on the desired option.

    -> The query dialog Open component project? is displayed.

    Open component project?

    Open component project?

    Select Yes or No. In both cases the view switches to PARTdataManager. One time the project of the component to be replaced is opened, the other time not.

    If the dialog shouldn't be displayed in the future, activate Remember my choice.[17]

  4. Select the object to replace the original.

  5. Click on the button .

    -> The view returns to the CAD system and the part (or several) is replaced.

[17] Once the activation is performed, a respective entry is made under $CADENAS_USER/if<cadname>.cfg.


  • Replace_QueryOpenProject: Determines whether dialog is displayed

  • Replace_OpenProject: Determines option if dialog is not displayed.

Missing entry is according to value = 1.